Artist Bios

The following artists' works are part of Chesterfield Arts permanent outdoor art collection.
Ludovico DeLuigi

Ludovico De Luigi was born in Venice on 11th November 1933 into an artistic family which goes back a long way. His father was the famous spatial painter Mario De Luigi. From 1950 Ludovico undertook a series of journeys with stays in Turin, Rome, France and the United States. Apart from art, one of his main interests is entomology.

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Paul Granlund

Paul Granlund's creative career spanned more than 50 years and more than 650 different works.  Most of his work is figurative and made from bronze.  His patrons included colleges, hospitals, churches and other institutions, including a sculpture of Charles A. Lindbergh at Le Bourget Field in Paris.

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Emilio Greco

Emilio Greco trained as a sculptor in the workshop of a marble mason.  While still in the army, he joined the Academy in Palermo and later went to Rome, where in 1946 he had his first one-person show at the Cometa Gallery.  In 1952, he was professor of sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts, Carrara. The subject of over twenty-five solo exhibitions throughout Europe and abroad, Greco has received many awards, including the St.

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Seward Johnson

In 1968, after a lifetime as a painter, Seward Johnson turned his talents to the medium of sculpture.  Since then, more than 200 of Johnson's life-size cast bronze figures have been featured in private collections in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia, as well as prominent places in the public realm such as Rockefeller Center in New York City.  Johnson's most dramatic work is the 70 foot aluminum giant entitled The Awakening.

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William King

William King was born in Jacksonville, Florida in 1925.  His studies took him from the University of Florida to the Cooper Union Art School, the Brooklyn Museum Art School, the Academia dei Belli Arte (Rome) and the Central School (London).  He has taught at the Brooklyn Museum Art School, the University of California at Berkeley, and the Arts Students League.  He has had many solo and group exhibitions.  His work can be found in the collections of the Nelson Rockefeller, Joseph Hirshhorn, and New York University.  He currently lives in New York

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Boris Kramer

Boris Kramer was born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada in 1969. His father, Richard Kramer, was an artist and blacksmith. Boris first learned about metal and art through his father. After completing post-graduate studies in Fine Arts and Renaissance History, he committed his future to art. For Boris, art must touch not just the mind, but the heart also.


Boris' sculptures have a home in numerous corporate and private collections and can be found in many galleries around the world.


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Henry Moore

Henry Moore was one of the most celebrated sculptors of is time, and the second part of his career, in particular, demonstrated that Modernist sculpture was, after all, surprisingly adaptable to official needs. He attended Leeds School of Art and Royal College of Art in London studying all forms of art and going on to teach at Chelsea School of Art, before the outbreak of World War II.  His works can be seen all over the world, including New York City and Paris.

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Victor Pickett

Victor Pickett holds a bachelors degree in product design from North Carolina State University and a masters degree in sculpture from East Carolina University.  Among his many artistic accomplishments is his collaboration with Jose de Rivera and Roy Gussow on architectural sculptures for the Science and Technology Building of the Smithsonian Institute.

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Lloyd Schermer

A native St.

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Ernest Trova

Ernest Tino Trova, a St. Louis native and self-trained American surrealist, pop art painter and sculptor, became one of the significant artists of the late twentieth century. Best known for his signature image, the Falling Man, Trova considered his entire output a single "work in progress." A collector of classic American comic character toys, Trova admired their surrealism and used them in some of his pieces. He began as a painter, progressing through three-dimensional constructions to his mature medium, sculpture.

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C.E. Van Duzer

Van Duzer attended the Cleveland Institute of Art where he received a Certificate of Graduation.  He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Art Education from Western Reserve University, as Master of Fine Arts Degree in painting from Yale University and attended Canbrook Academy of Art, where he studied Advanced Painting under the direction of Zoltan Sepehsy.  He was assistant professor of drawing and painting at the University of Denver and direction of Flint Institute of Art.  Van Duzer began working in sculpture in 1956 and has exhibited in most of the

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Harry Weber

Harry Weber was born in St. Louis and educated at Princeton University, where he studiesd art history.  Following his education, Weber served six years in the United States Navy. This included a year on river patrol boats in Vietnam where he compiled a compelling series of drawings chronicling his experiences there.

Harry Weber has produced a body of work of over 100 large and more than 200 smaller pieces. His work embodies human emotion and power with a spontaneity developed from a lifelong
habit of sketching from life.

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Don Wiegand

As an artist, Don Wiegand continues to evolve powerfully within the American figurative tradition. His extraordinary works of commemorative sculpture and portraiture have drawn international acclaim not only for their perfection of execution, but also for the emotional response their unveilings capture. He links his creative powers to meticulous research—capturing the organizing form on an emotional level in combinations that render his subject's living character and emotions.

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Simon Ybarra

Born in Ocampo, Guanajuato, Mexico, Simon Ybarra's professional training consists of the following: Escuela de Bellas Artes, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico; and additional studying under Cossio del Pomar, Chavez Morado, Pablo O'Higgins, and Angelica Archipenco. 

He taught with Jaime Pinto, Diego Rivera, Alfarro Siquerrios, Jose Clemente Orozco, Rufino Tamayo, and Sterling Dickinson.

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