Random Acts of Art

Random Acts of Art turns ordinary items into amazing, extraordinary works of art, which are displayed outdoors in and around the city of Chesterfield. Artists and the subject matter vary each month. The community can engage in these unique works too! Check this page often for opportunites to get involved with future Random Acts of Art.

Yarn Bomb -- September-October 2013

Thanks to the more than 50 knitters from St. Louis to Virginia who joined our Yarn Bomb Squad and created more than 300 sq. feet of fabric, art covering fixtures in Central Park, and at 444 Chesterfield Center. This colorful, temporary yarn art will later be cleaned and donated to charities for use as blankets for those in need. 


Kaleidoscope - August 2013

To honor students in the Kaleidoscope Program and their artwork, Chesterfield Arts erected the "largest working Kaleidoscope in St. Louis" at 444 Chesterfield Center. Visitors young and old came by to take a peek at the rotating colors and light inside this unique work of art.


Your Stories - July 2013

Thanks to all who submitted stories, photographs, and artwork for the 'Your Stories' Random Act of Art. This public art installation shows the journeys of our ancestors through collage. 

Flower Power Tower - June 2013

Plastic, multi-colored tableclothes were woven together through chicken wire to create this whimsical tower of flowers outside Chesterfield Arts! Additional flowers were woven and placed in flower pots along the Chesterfield Arts walkway and the Chesterfield Mall outer drive adding a mixture of color and art to the area.



Umbrellas - May 2013
What a great way to welcome in Spring! Colorful umbrellas were combined in a unique pyramid shape outside Chesterfield Arts to brighten up the landscape and welcome visitors. The umbrellas hanging from trees and placed around the grounds of 444 Chesterfield Center invited visitors to stop by and snap a photo!